Residents & Relatives Meeting

On Wednesday the 7th of December we had our very first Resident and Relatives meeting. It took place at 6pm in the Dining Room. We had 10 relatives and one resident in attendance. Myself (Kate Smith) Amarjit Rai (Owner) and Carol Barker Activities coordinator.

Mr Rai opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and saying that this was obviously our first meeting of this kind but that going forward we are hoping to have these approximately 3 monthly. Hoping that at a less bust time of year and in the better weather there maybe a higher attendance.

Mulled wine, and non-alcoholic drinks, mince pies and chocolates were available for all attendees (and afterwards distributed to the residents who where either in the lounge or in their rooms.

Mr Rai went into some detail about our recent CQC inspection which we achieved GOOD in all 5 key lines of enquiry and ASSURED in all 8 areas of assessment for infection prevention and control.

We also talked about the service improvements that are underway at the moment, and many of the relatives commented both on the CQC inspection findings saying that it was well deserved and also on the improvements in progress around the home, saying that the Home looked very clean and fresh and the works the Home was looking lovely with all the redecorating etc.

SE (relative) said she just wanted to say that she always gets a lovely friendly and warm welcome from all the staff when she visits and cup of tea. She said that no matter how busy the staff were the welcome was always a lovely one and she said it was much appreciated. Many of the other relatives agreed with SE on this. Another relative said nothing was ever too much trouble.

We spoke about our wish to make connections in the community and shared some of the connections that we have already, the library, the schools both the primary in the village and Skipton Girls High School, the church, the handbells, the bowlers to name a few. And it was suggested by SE that we could try to make contact with the nursery which is adjacent to the primary school. Carol said she would follow this up in the New Year. Another relative LT said that both her and her husband HT were members of a samba drum group and would love to bring the group to Milton House in the summer to perform for the residents, I thanked them for the offer this is definitely something that we will organise in the summer. This led on to us telling the attendees that we intend to purchase a heavy-duty Gazebo for the better weather so that we can use the garden more and facilitate outdoor visits, outdoor concerts and have plans to host a summer fair. This will all be relayed to them at these meetings and also in the newsletters which are posted on the Facebook page the website every 2 months.

AM’s relatives A and D then kindly offered to facilitate a trip to the farm that AM used to live at, D said that he would be happy to pay for a minibus to take some of the more able residents up to the Farm where they would give them afternoon tea on the terrace, we thanked them for this wonderful offer and said we would speak with them again when the weather improves.

All attendees said that they thought this meeting was both enjoyable and informative and made them feel more involved. They thanked us for introducing it to Milton House. There were no further points to documents, but it was nice to see the relatives chatting between themselves and enjoying the refreshments.

We plan to have the next Residents/relatives meeting around March time, date and time to be arranged.

Kate Smith Registered Manager

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