Exert from former Residents Eulogy

She now needed to go into nursing care and as her current home didn’t do this she had to go elsewhere. We were so lucky to be offered a place for her in Milton house in Gargrave, The care she received there has been outstanding. She was treated with kindness, courtesy, dignity and understanding and we owe the staff, nurses and carers there a great debt for looking after her so well. One of my last happy memories
of my mum was just about a week before she died, She had started to be very ill and had kept being sick and was obviously very frail. Two of her carers, Gully and Rhiannon, came in to check on her, crouching one at each side of her chair so as to be on her level as they chatted to her.

My mum said she didn’t know why she had been so sick, so I jokingly asked her if she had been out, drinking too much Bailey’s. She laughed and said no, but Rhiannon said to her – you were out with me and Gully last night, on the town in Skipton. My mum loved this as an idea and said, yes, she had been, and that she, Gully and Rhiannon had been on a pub crawl and then been dancing and had a wonderful time. She was laughing and joking with them and the girls really cheered her up just by spending a bit of extra time for her and taking her mind off her troubles. When they had gone, my mum said “they are lovely, those two. I’m so lucky to be living here” So thank you so much to everyone at Milton House both for my mum’s care and for the kindness and support you have given to me, too.

After receiving this from the daughter I asked if she would mind us using it on our Facebook Page and our Website and this was her response………..

Hi again,
I don’t mind at all…every word was true and meant sincerely and if it helps other people in their search for a nursing home, and helps settle their minds, it can only be a good thing. I know how hard and how worrying it is trying to find good care places for people who need them.

The good places never hit the news…only the bad places, which then has a negative affect on all the good places. So by all means, use it as necessary.

Also, can I just say…I mentioned Gully and Rhiannon….but that was by no means an isolated incident….everyone there has been so caring and supportive to me, too…the nurses, carers, cleaning ladies,….too many to mention everyone without running the risk of missing someone out. It was just that that stood out for me as the last time I saw mum laughing and joking and it was so nice that the girls took that time with us to lighten the day.

So much love to them all,
Alyson x x

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