Care Services in North Yorkshire

As a dual registered home, we can offer facilities in line with both Nursing Care and Residential Care on both a long term and short-term basis should the home have capacity. We also offer respite care for a minimum of 2 weeks, again if we have the capacity.

Our dedicated nursing and Care staff, some of whom have been working at Milton House for in excess of 20 years provide a truly person-centred Care plan which places all the needs and wishes of the resident first.

Our long-term experienced kitchen staff with their vast array of experience provide home cooked nutritional meals every day of the week from breakfast to teatime. We currently have a 4-week menu plan, but we always try and adjust and personalise for individual tastes.

Recently we have added both Indian style and Chinese style dishes to our menu allowing those with the adventurous taste buds to sample some of these dishes for the first time!

The home is completely wheelchair friendly with extra wide corridors and doors into each room. We also have both a stair lift and a passenger lift within the Old House section. Contact Milton House Care today to find out more about our care services in North Yorkshire.

View our amazing facilities services picturesque views

It’s easy to see why people choose Milton House. With picturesque views of North Yorkshire. Our home offers comfort, warmth and character in a lovely quiet village setting. See our gallery below or come see for yourself.

Each person using our services deserves dignity and personal respect and to be valued as an individual

Milton House Care

Each person using our services deserves the right to:

  • Dignity and personal respect, including being valued as an individual.
  • Individuality within the scope of the service provided, including preferences for timing, food etc.
  • Involvement in the planning of their own service
  • Have all their needs, physical and emotional, accepted and supported.
  • Privacy for their own affairs

Milton House has several systems in place to assist in delivering a high standard of care, these are:

  • A comprehensive set of policies and procedures to assist in the delivery of care
  • Offer opportunities for our team to develop their careers through training and further study.
  • To ensure that quality is maintained throughout the business, with the help of quality assurance audit tools.
  • Encourage people who use the service and their families to provide comments and suggestions to continue to improve the quality of care.

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